Task Management

Managing orders and tasks for your drivers has made straightforward. Update orders, re-assign deliveries and notify drivers- all through a live dashboard prepared with noteworthy experiences and representations.

Full Control Dashboard

A well organized dashboard perfected to display quick glance on happenings on your system such as Trip usage on overall as well as app specific, Also navigate to Trips/Tasks that is on progress with a single click.

Live Order Tracking

Get things under your eye with our Real time tracking. Track orders in real time. Track deliveries as they happen, with live traffic conditions. Rerun past trips to see real-time driver locations and precisely recognize stopovers. Integrate Live tracking API’s with ease.

Unlimited Drivers/Customers

Let your users be from Hundreds or Millions, We got it all covered for you and never consider it as a costing reason.


Get navigation to your destination with a click. Navigation helps to find accurately one’s position. Also helps to navigate freely on maps and get required directions.

Multiple Project Support

Segregate your usage of trips, drivers and accessibility with our multi app support, where you manage all your project apps under our single account.


Get assessed arrival or conveyance to reach your place with real time ETA.
Get shrewd ETAs that factor vehicle type, client profile and the time it takes to get in and from addresses. Estimated time of arrival for each activity ends up accessible on task.

Trip / Task History

Get to know where your driver has been. You can also able to track individual driver locations in real-time accurately with GPS. Stay on top of your driver's activities with real- time notifications and alerts! Get the access time polyline for each activity segment.

Unlimited Notifications

The events between your driver and customer can be notified easily and it is completely free. Get occasions conveyed to your server through web snares, or specifically to your Slack channel


We provide Live tracking API for developers. Make your system more powerful and computerized by implanting our API’s into your platform. It remains robust even under feeble mobile coverage while providing sophisticated security.