Grocery Delivery

Grocery being the most significant purchase made, the service rendered too ought to be as effective; which includes Live Tracking. With Teliver the service is now complete!

Why Live Track Grocery Delivery?

Minimized travel, time consumption and manpower – these reasons have enough weight for why the ‘Grocery Delivery’ has become a huge hit in cities. Following a strict work schedule, the metropolitans are finding it hard enough to work around the daily chores. With grocery coming online, the need for people to physically visit a store is nullified. But the real deal in providing its customers a seamless service could only be achieved through a mobile app with Live Tracking enabled in it. The market demands for an ‘I want to know where it is!’ option for all deliveries and Grocery isn’t an exemption.
From a Customer’s point of view…
As of today the groceries ordered online aren’t a matter of urgency but the same couldn’t be that of the future. Consumers aren’t comfortable with the repeated phone enquiries made to the stores in order to know where their consignment is at right now. Often the store isn’t sure of the location where delivery is after leaving. This calls in for greater confusion and chaos among both the deliverer and the consumer.
Teliver with its Live Tracking SDK for Grocery delivery is best possible solution for all such woes. Consumers can now track their order right from the app and know the accurate location and the path the vehicle is traveling with their deliveries.

Why Teliver?

It is now a known and evident fact that customer satisfaction is what contributes the most to a business and to accomplish in this zone is no easy task. But heeding to their needs of thee consumers a few amendments and enhancements pave way to a better business administration. Teliver does exactly the same to the medicine delivery industry. Upon realizing and hearing out the user needs, Live-Tracking for the last mile deliveries is now achievable.

Easy Integration

An easy integration process into the host app is all that is required and a full-fledged live tracking capability is induced in the app from which customers could track their deliveries right from the app. A simple yet authoritative solution for your app that serves the customers not just groceries but also something they have been craving for – The Live Location of their Consignment.