Medicine Delivery

Live Tracking Medicines and Drugs are important to consumers as the product itself. With Teliver’s Live Tracking SDK embedded, the despair is for once and all done!

Why Live Track Medicine Delivery?

Home delivering medicines is a boon for many and has proved itself effective in terms of business too. The only evolution this sector has achieved in a very long time is in the product itself rather than the reach for its customers. But with the induction of e-commerce, various businesses have adapted the path from which a new yet sophisticated way of business improvisation was witnessed. Medicine Delivery wasn’t the one to sit back and fast headed into it. Similar is the Real-Time tracking vertical; the next phase what the delivery industry requires.
From a Customer's point of view…
Medicines and Drugs being delivered to the door is great but ‘what’s better?’’ - knowing where the ordered medicine is on road. In this age of technology it is never impossible for a customer to stay un-informed off their rightful belonging. Let be it their personal transport or the medicinal drugs ordered online, not knowing crates a sense of panic.
Hence when a solution to this is provided, acceptance and adoption is done in just a matter of time. Customers prefer to stay informed on where their order is, rather call a couple times to know its status.

Why Teliver?

It is now a known and evident fact that customer satisfaction is what contributes the most to a business and to accomplish in this zone is no easy task. But heeding to their needs of thee consumers a few amendments and enhancements pave way to a better business administration. Teliver does exactly the same to the medicine delivery industry. Upon realizing and hearing out the user needs, Live-Tracking for the last mile deliveries is now achievable.

Easy Integration

An easy integration process into the host app is all that is required and a full-fledged live tracking capability is induced in the app from which customers could track their deliveries right from the app. A simple yet authoritative solution for your app that serves the customers not just food but also something they have been craving for.